Jessica Foxx
"Bali" Single Cover
Jessica Foxx
"Never Meant To Be" Single Cover
Jessica Foxx
"Cake" Single Cover
Midsummer Dream
"Vulnerable" EP Cover
Midsummer Dream
"Counting Down the Days" Digital Single Cover
Midsummer Dream
"Light Up the Sky" EP Cover
Diana Ebe
"Chasing" Single Cover
Diana Ebe
"Bold" Single Cover
Diana Ebe
"Elusive Pleasure" Cover & Digipak
"Adicta a Ti" Single cover
Don Vuitton
"Throw the Xanax Away" Single Cover
The Evening Guests
"Summerland" Cover Art, Vinyl & CD
Empty Trail
"lost" album cover
Empty Trail
"Bare" Album Cover
Empty Trail
"My World" Single Cover
Empty Trail
"Rust" Single Cover
Sixth Ocean Project
Album Cover
Monster Movie
"Keep the Voices Distant" Album Cover & Vinyl
The So Lows
"Alto" Album Cover
Sam Morrow
"There is No Map" Album Cover , Digipak & Vinyl
Krystan Bellows
"Not That Single" Single Cover
Xenia Ghali
"The Sun" Single Cover
Xenia Ghali
"Places (Feat. Raquel Castro)" Single Cover
Erik Johansen
"Moments After Midnight" Single Cover
Self-Titled EP Cover
"Handcuffs (Feat. Bellringer)" Single Cover
"Behind These Walls" Single Cover
"Womb to War" Cover & CD Jacket
Ivan Alexis Rivera
"Darker Shades of Blue" Album Cover
Formerly Unnamed
"Grown Men Making Coordinated Noise" Cover & CD Jacket
Modern Mimes
"Wake Up" Cover & Digipak
Eric Sartin
"Emergency" Single Cover
Self-Titled EP Cover
Corpse Lily
Self-Titled EP Cover
Ben Becker
"Fall" Single Cover
Bill Carter
Self-Titled Cover & Digipak
Light Bright
"We Got Problems" Cover & CD Jacket
"Canterbury Fails" Cover & CD Jacket